June 18, 2017

Lewis & Clark Festival River Boat Cruise, Sunday, June 18th

Join us for a cruise on the Missouri River to the Gates of the Mountains! The Gates of the Mountains is a spectacular site as referenced in the journals by Meriwether Lewis:
Suddenly, there loomed before them towering rock formations unlike any they had ever seen. From both sides of the river, limestone cliffs rose to a spectacular height of 1200 feet. “In many places,” wrote Meriwether Lewis, “the rocks seem ready to tumble on us.” At each bend in the waterway, great stone walls seemed to block passage, only to open like gentle giant gates as the expedition drew near. In his journal, Meriwether wrote: “I shall call this place: “GATES OF THE MOUNTAINS“.

Sit back and relax on the motor coach bus that will provide round-trip transportation and listen to Lewis and Clark Scholar, Don Peterson. He will provide background and history of the area as you pass through. Also, meet member of the Corps, Silas Goodrich! (a.k.a. Austin Haney).

The 2-hour boat excursion to the Gates of the Mountains will include an experienced guide, from Gates of the Mountains Boat Tours aboard a comfortable open-air boat (covered in case of rain), and a sumptuous Bison Burger dinner at the Marina.

Tickets: $75/person, or $135/couple - Advance registration only. Call 406-452-5661 to register. Meet at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 18th.